One-stop shops weren't getting the job done. I'm a Jamaica, Queens girl born and raised; you'd think at least one of these 'round the way' beauty supply stores would get the job done. Nah. My scalp was still itchy and flaky and my frustration level was at an all-time high. Something had to give! I needed relief from dryness. Then, a naturalist suggested shea butter because of it's natural ability to moisturize and soothe. This had to be my solution! Well, it was but not immediately. The raw shea butter I initially purchased didn't glide onto my scalp effectively. It sat on my locks, refusing to be absorbed. Giving up wasn't an option. Store-bought products were laced with toxic chemicals and did nothing to improve my condition. Surely, there was a way to unlock the healing power of shea butter.

After a little research and some trial and error, I learned how to whip shea butter and blended in carrier and essential oils specific to my needs. My scalp was revived! No more irritating itching or dandruff! I was healed...naturally. The results didn't stop there. It just so happens that one day I ran out of body lotion. Rather than leave the house looking ashy, I applied my hair concoction from head to toe. It worked! It wasn't heavy or greasy and kept my skin fresh all day. My product was perfect from head to toe. Before I knew it, I was blending recipes for my sons, mother and friends. One simple question changed my perspective...

How much for a jar?

That one question led to the birth of Ri'Shea Whipped Body Butter Company. Interestingly enough, Ri'Shea is the phonetic spelling of my middle name, as if I was destined to create natural skincare solutions from the very start. Ri'Shea products are more than moisturizers. Our mission is to provide you with plant-based skincare products that holistically heal your skin and broaden your awareness of earth's remedies. With Ri'Shea, you gain worry-free, clutter-free, community-driven answers to your skincare needs. Each product is derived from naturally grown sources void of harmful additives. One jar keeps your main and melanin-kissed skin moisturized and radiant. Because we have a heart to serve others, proceeds help to purchase school supplies for homeless children and families in the  community.

Ri'Shea Whipped Body Butter Company: holistic products for your healing. Why not care for your natural beauty with a plant based solution? Why not chose products that are safe and simple? Life is difficult but your skincare shouldn't be. Let Ri'Shea take care of your skincare needs.